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7/11 Breathing Technique

The 7/11 technique is a breathing exercise whereby you breathe in for a count of 7 and out for a count 11. It is used to help alleviate and overcome symptoms of anxiety and stress. A simple yet powerful technique that facilitates relaxation helping you to regain composure. Emotional intensity When […]

Why Mindfulness & Yoga?

Why Mindfulness & Yoga? Mindfulness is a basic human quality, perhaps best described as being “equally present with all events and experiences with discernment, curiosity and kindness” (Christina Feldman, 2012). We cultivate mindfulness through a practice that involves training of our attention, awareness and compassion. We learn to shift perspective and […]

Three-step Breathing Space meditation

A short practice with Veronika. No prior experience required. You can start your mindfulness practice right here and right now. Perhaps weave it into your day morning, lunch and evening time.   3-step Breathing Space (5 min) Download the practice  Listen and practice Watch a brief introduction and practice   To join […]

Tailored Personal Development

Sometimes, even when you are successful in the world, there might come a point where you wonder whether you are living your full potential. You might have a general sense that more might be possible for you, or be aware of particular unhelpful patterns in life that may limit what […]

Yoga at Work

Over the last decade, yoga has gained great popularity amongst forward thinking, innovative companies for its great effects on the human capital. In the autumn 2015, NHS England chief executive, Simon Stevens, announced that yoga was to be offered to health professionals and recommends yoga for health benefits to the public. The […]