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Neurobiology of We

This is a fantastic series of lectures by the psychiatrist Daniel Siegel MD given at the Upaya Zen Center. He is explaining brain function. This in-depth look is interspersed with meditation sessions and contemplation exercises that compliment all the information: Neurobiology of We » I am utterly fascinated learning about […]

Earlier this year I was researching about online support for young people for a beautiful YouthCharity. Today I came accross this article on EnlightenNext Magazine and really liked Tom Huston’s take on his generation. Born in 1972, clearly, I am part of what is called Gen X acknowledging the truth of […]

I have recently discovered a large amount of material from Alan Wallace. An extensive background in science and religion, what I appreciate about him and his message is his clarity, his effortless ability to discuss complex topics like the nature of external reality, physics, quantum mechanics and the nature of […]