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Mindful Activities in Everyday Life

Reduce stress by turning everyday activities into mindful activities Sometimes stress is caused by doing one thing while wishing you were doing something else. While you cannot be expected to enjoy necessary everyday tasks and might find some rather unpleasant, bringing mindfulness to these activities can change your habitual negative reaction to them. Here are some suggestions for how to bring mindfulness […]

Walking Meditation

You’ve probably heard that meditation is a very effective way to switch from the busy “doing”-mode into a more relaxed “being”-mode. It’s a practice that helps you train your mind to be steady and focussed and as a result of that you can experience more inner space and freedom. Sometimes people think that meditation is […]

My MBSR course experience

Watch one of our recent course participants talk about her MBSR course experience (MBSR = Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction). This 8-week Mindfulness course is a highly participatory, practical, skills-based course that teaches you how to find more flexible and attuned responses to stressful situations balancing our problem solving attitude with a more joyful and nourishing way of […]

How does MBSR (Mindfulness based Stress Reduction) work?

MBSR is a highly participatory, practical, skills-based course that teaches you how to find more flexible and attuned responses to stressful situations balancing our problem-solving attitude with a more joyful and nourishing way of living. The training runs over 8 weeks and involves guided meditation practices that can be done seated, standing, walking or lying down as well as mindfulness movement […]

Seven Attitudes of Mindfulness

The practice of mindfulness is like cultivating a garden: it flourishes when certain conditions are present. These basic attitudes are interdependent and influence the degree to which you are able to cultivate the other. Together they constitute the foundation upon which a strong meditation practice builds. Cultivating a Garden Beginner’s mind. This attitude allows us to […]

5 Tips For A Regular Mindfulness Practice

Science underpins what has been common sense all along: Commitment to a regular practice is the single most important key to recognisable progress in almost everything we do. In terms of mindfulness it is our brain that we re-invite and lovingly encourage to reshape with each recurring meditation session, and this is a serious job. […]

Pranayama – Life Force Extension

The Sanskrit term pranayama (प्राणायाम) combines the two words prana (breath, vitality, energy, life force) and ayama (extension, expansion, regulation, restraint, control) referring to the aim of breath exercises to enhance your vital energy or life force by means of prolonging breath and its restraints (Iyengar, 1981 p13).  Together with yamas, niyamas and asana, pranayama […]

Patanjali’s Eight Limbs

Asthanga yoga, or Raja yoga (raj = king), as documented in the Yoga Sutras by the sage Patanjali about 200 CE is an outline of the yogic path to enlightenment. It incorporates Eight Limbs, which are divided into four Lower Limbs (1 to 4) and four Higher Limbs (5 to 8). I am an Ashtanga […]

What is Ashanga Vinyasa yoga?

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, as taught by Guru Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, is a vigorous and dynamic style of yoga that has been developed as a system of movement, postures and a certain breathing technique to progressively purify and tone the body whilst developing skills to quiet the mind and adopt a positive and healthy attitude […]